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To use best practice to deliver ourprojects at all times within scope, quality and on time.


What We Do



Ideas and Research


Our process starts with you. That’s right: you. Your ideas, your project objectives, your organisation, your clients and your aspirations. We’ll take the time to digest all of this, metabolise it and convert it into creative energy that will form the foundations of the project that lies ahead.

Site Plan and Blueprint


Now that we’ve absorbed everything that we need about your project, it’s time for us to turn that vision into a site plan and blueprint that paint a picture of the basic structure and flow of your project 



Once you’ve approved the designs, it’s time for our developers to get their hands dirty with the heavy lifting. The next few months will be a blizzard of ones and zeros as the really smart people with unquestionable social skills bring your cool vision to life. If you can dream it, our development team will make it happen.

Supervise and Deliver


Proper hands-on supervision on every detail required  on a client project, to ensure industry-standard operations are observed, proper management of clients budget, and at the end of the given set time for completion, project is delivered with a standby project manager to ensure complete client satisfaction. 



  • Sapir Projects Limited is amongst others, a specialized civil construction company based in Nigeria. We deliver construction projects to multiple sectors including office, industrial, retail, hospitality. We are a team of construction professionals with extensive experience in small to large complex projects. Our
    delivery is successful due to strong leadership from our construction team getting involved at the early stages of the project to. We engage in the following types of construction and renovation works:
    1. Residential Buildings
    2. Commercial Buildings
    3. Container Architecture
    4. Institutional Buildings
    5. Publ c Drains
    6. Canal
    7. Retaining Wall
    8 Perimeter Fence
    9. Lift Shaft
    10. Concrete Tanking .
    11. Piling Works
    12. Shorellne Earth Embarkment
    13. Telecom Tower Site Build 

  • Sapir Projects Limited is structured  to provide architecturally led multidisciplinary
    consultancy and construction solutions. It has since inception shown its confident presence in v a r i o u s s e c t o r s a n d frameworks. These frameworks have enabled us to gain v a s t k n o w l e d g e of Construction Projects within the various sectors, right from feasibility studies, client briefing, project management and cost control up to the project construction and execution beyond geographical borders. As a company, our goal is to give life to your dreamed projects within budgeted costs, in time and to your taste while still ensuring the long term sustainability.  

  • Sapir Projects Limited provides specialist support services to main contractors on projects or acts as a specialist contractor on direct labour projects. These services include:

    • Doors
    • Ceiling Design
    • Space Partitioning
    • Flooring (Tiles and wood)
    •  Aluminum Windows
    • Curtain wall
    • External Cladding
    • Galvanised Steel Roofing

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