6 Easy Ways to Design your Work Desk || A Short Read

This is a short read for everyone who desires to make their work desk homey and I am sure you are here because you desire to know how to make that work desk comfortable and cute.

Let’s go straight into why we are here.

Why do we need to make our work desk cute? Having a cutely designed work desk makes work interesting because you get to have a beautiful view, exist in a beautiful space and work like you are in your comfort zone. Working in a beautiful space keeps you alive, stress and anxiety-free, and lets you work comfortably and productively.

In a cutely designed workspace, the brain is relaxed, hence, a productive work style.

In the next few minutes, I implore you to relax and enjoy every bit of this short ride with Sapir Projects, and we hope it is a journey that wouldn’t end here, because, we would love to see you visit often for more quality info.

Let’s quickly look into some of the 6 easy ways you can decorate your workspace.

  1. Keep a Clean Desk

This ranks as the number one tip irrespective of all other design tips you would be getting in this short read. Let’s use a home for an illustration. If one hires the best interior designer for a home, and after the whole design process the occupants habitually leave the home untidy, the work of the designer has been murdered, and that’s because all that’s going to be seen especially by anyone visiting will be an unkept home and not the beautiful interiors. So, have all files, food flasks, water bottles, and cables properly arranged in your drawers (if you have one). If your desk is without a drawer, get a square-shaped paper box and have all files properly arranged. Keep a dust-free desk, properly wiped and free of food stains. Have a mini towel dedicated to cleaning your desk and chair if the cleaner fails to do a good job.

Want to know more about how to make your work desk cute? Please, follow through.

2. A Small Flower Pot

Allow Mother nature share with you some good freshly prepared photosynthesis. Decorate your desk space with a small flower pot. The flower could be artificial too. This helps with mood-lifting and gives some colour pop-up to your space. This would help give some life to your desk. Having some flowers by your side could also help relieve you of some stress. If you are going for a natural flower or plant, remember to get a little water sprayer for it.

3. A Little Frame of Yourself or a Loved One

Having a frame of yourself or a loved one isn’t just another empty aesthetic thing with no good motive. What this does varies. If it’s a picture of a loved one, it could exude some exciting feel at each glance. It shows people that you are a carrier of love – love for someone or yourself, and as a result, makes people kind of warm up to you. It could also serve as a reminder of why you are working.

4. Lazy Susan Organizer

With the lazy Susan organizer, little yet important items like pens, pencils, complementary cards, tissue paper, sanitiser, hand cream, etc. are kept in good order. It hinders these items from carelessly hanging around the desk whilst creating an unnecessarily busy workspace. Lazy Susan organizer comes in varying shapes, styles and sizes. So, you have a lot of options at your disposal.

5. Small Sticky Note Board

Truth be told, not many people are used to keeping a journal or diary. I was once in this category, but I have unconsciously moved to the other side and I think this stems from the need to have an organized thought and work process. If you’re not so much of a book journal person, yet you want to have a productive work life, do not worry, you’re covered. To achieve this, you need just two things; a small section of your desk space and a bunch of sticky notes. Jot down your to-do lists for that day on each sheet of sticky notes and have them pasted on the selected corner of your desk. I would also suggest that you have just two colours of sticky notes to keep things more organized. This would give a beautiful impression of you, especially before colleagues and superiors.

6. Oil Diffuser

Now let’s finish our setup with an oil diffuser. Add a nice fragrance oil diffuser on your desk to keep you breathing and smelling fresh. Place the diffuser on your lazy Susan organizer, and, Voila! your desk space is set beautifully.

Did you enjoy this? Would you try any of these easy work desk designs?

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